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The 5Ss of digital marketing is a good, simple starting point to help check you're covering the whole of digital marketing, not just sales!

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you are confident, Once you have this complete you can continue the planning process by getting into “how you will get there”.

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Here are five ways you can step up your digital asset management (DAM) and keep the focus on telling your story, no matter how big you are or what kinds of systems you’re using.

Digital Trade is a unique concept of online Barter system which creates a win-win situation for users. On one hand, it allows you to increase your social penetration and internet popularity while on the other, you get paid for promoting others on social media, which implies a user is both a consumer and service provider. Digital Trade believe that every opinion counts, and thus, we provide you coins on sharing your experience as a customer.

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Digital Trade is a Social Media exchange portal brought to you by Evolets Consulting. Evolets has been constantly working in the direction of bridging the gap between web and paper. This is another shot by Evolets to narrow in this gap and move from paper based promotions to online.


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What is SME?

Social Media Exchange is an upcoming concept of online barter system in which you get internet popularity and presence by making others popular over the web. Confused? Let us explain. We all know how difficult it is to get users to your Facebook page, YouTube channel or twitter followers. We also understand that internet is the best marketing tool which results overnight.

Social Media Exchange acts as a platform where a give and take relationship is built between different customers. You make others popular and others advertise you in return. SME refers to reciprocity (exchange) between two or more actors, generally for mutual benefit.

How It Works?